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We have a specialized staff that offers advice in all legal, accounting, tax and notarial aspects of commercial law. Our team of lawyers, accountants, paralegals and notary publics are specialized in this area so as to provide up-to-date solutions, fitting to the client´s needs.

In the area of Corporations, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts. This is because the decision-making process in this area requires to take into account different legal, fiscal and accounting factors. Among the services in the Corporations area we provide the following:

  • “Corporation Engineering Service” (CES): we help our clients chose the correct type of corporation for their needs.

  • Constitution of new corporations

  • Bylaws drafting

  • Stock increments, reductions and refunds

  • Corporation Administration

  • Dissolution and Liquidation of Corporations

  • Shareholder agreements

  • Mergers, splits and transformation of corporations

  • Representation in shareholder and Board of Directors meetings

  • Participation in judicial disputes between shareholders

  • Share assignments and purchases

  • Counseling and drafting joint venture projects


Within our Commercial Law practice, we also provide advice in all kinds of contracts. These include: distribution, franchise, representation, deposit, trusts, transport, and many others.

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