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Cikato Lawyers has an interdisciplinary team dedicated to Litigation.

We do the impossible to avoid litigation, but unfortunately in some instances it is the only alternative, or the best strategy. That is why every company or person need professionals with experience in litigation, either in its previous phase of negotiation, or in the development of lawsuits.


Among the services provided by professionals in this department, we can:


  • Advice regarding trademark infringement

  • Analysis of specific cases, including legal opinion and recommendations on strategies

  • "Litigious Engineering", that is, organization, preparation and presentation of litigation

  • Negotiations before and after litigation

  • Negotiation, drafting and execution of agreements

  • Investigations in relation to infringements of trademarks, patents and copyrights

  • Intimations of cessation of use


In particular, Cikato Lawyers has the oldest department dedicated anti-counterfeiting. We are pioneers in this area, and we were the first law firm to create a department dedicated to the fight against piracy.


In this sense, the following services are provided:


  • Investigations in the local market and customs of merchandise that is presumed to be false

  • Organization and execution of seizures and destruction of infringing merchandise

  • Submission of criminal complaints against offenders

  • Submission of civil lawsuits to claim for damages caused by the infringer

  • Border Measures

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