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Dr. Matias Cikato
Esc. Diego Chijane
Dra. Veronica Mariani

Cikato Lawyers has a specialized Copyright Law department. The group is formed by lawyers with vast experience in Copyright in Uruguay and around the world.

Copyright Law is one of the traditional Intellectual Property Rights. The object of Copyright is, generally, to protect literary, scientific and artistic works. As an example, Copyright protects musical compositions, photographs, theatrical works, architectural works, sculptures, software and paintings among others.

According to Uruguayan law, Copyright gives it’s owner the exclusive right to sell, reproduce, distribute, publish, translate, adapt, transform, communicate or make it available to the public in any form. In case of an unauthorized use of a copyright, it’s owner has the right to initiate judicial actions in order to prohibit the use and to recover damages if applicable.

In Uruguay, as in all Latin America and in most countries in Europe, a distinction between moral and economic rights exists. Moral rights include, basically, the right of integrity of the work and the right of attribution, which cannot be assigned. Economic rights include all the rights to beneficiate from the exploitation of the work, and can be assigned.

The registration of the works is no compulsory in view of international treaties. Nevertheless, registering the works gives a specific date to the work, which can be useful from the evidence point of view in case of an eventual judicial proceeding.

Our Law Firm offers the following services:

  • General Counseling

  • Judicial actions and negotiations in relation to copyrights

  • Copyright registration

  • Artistic creation certification

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